Typisierung im Dreilinden Campus (eBay)

Typisierungsaktion im Dreilinden Campus (eBay) am 15.12. mit 186 Neuregistrierungen

by Quynh Anh Dietrich

eBay-Mitarbeiter in Dreilinden gegen Leukämie und für Benny

This time I would like to report on an initiative that Andreas Haentsch and I are currently running on the Dreilinden Campus.  An email that I received during my last trip to Dublin with Greg, Julie and James initiated our activities.  Benny, the 2.5-year-old son of close friends of my family had a relapse of leukemia – blood cancer – and is desperately looking for a stem cell donor.  We have invited a stem cell registration organization the DKMS to the Dreilinden Campus and have opened a request to the eBay GIVE team for a monetary donation to fund our initiative.

We invited everyone on the Dreilinden Campus to join us and register with the donation database and/or donate money for support.  This also includes adjacencies like PayPal, Mobile and eBay Kleinanzeigen.  On the 15th of December we had a doctor and 7 nurses and supporters to help with the registration process of 186 volunteers.  This is a great result and extended our expectations of 100, which would have been the average 10% response from such initiatives.

Our target is mainly to encourage people to register, but also to educate and reduce any misconceptions of the stem cell donation process.  Most of us are reluctant to become a donor because we are afraid of the risks – “I have kids, I can’t take the risk of becoming paraplegic” – That is the most common objection.  Understandable, but absolutely unjustified.

Some facts:

The probability that you are asked for donation within the first 10 years of registration is 5%.  In 80% of the cases stem cells are collected from your blood and only in 20% of the cases stem cells are taken from the bone marrow of your pelvic bone – not spinal marrow.  The chances that we find the right donor are 1:20000.  Everyone who registers increases the chance to find the right one.  There are registration organizations all over the world and people in need of our support.

Please find more information on stem cell donation on the homepage of the DKMS Organization.  There is also a Blog in the internal Web which looks like this:  BlogBenny.pdf